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Voluntary Work

Non-Clinical Volunteers
Children often want to learn how to defend themselves, sing, play musical instruments or sports, cook, act, fix cars or achieve their goals effectively and they can be inspired by able, generous and passionate individuals who want to reach out and transfer skills.  This is an important component of most clinical treatment packages for children with mental health problems, which affects long term prognosis and outcome positively.  These opportunities increase protective factors for children by providing the chance to develop skills and reach personal goals in an environment of responsible, like-minded and motivated individuals, which contributes not only to physical and cognitive development, but also to social and emotional development; ability to form trusting and reciprocal relationships, development of identity and a sense of achievement, accomplishment, purpose, belonging and hope for themselves and their future.  

We also need individuals to help with baking bread, playing ball games, driving the bus, maintaining the bus, providing security where appropriate, assist with educational goals, raise awareness regarding mental health problems and general physical health and more.

Please Contact Us if you would like to join us or if you would like more information.

Clinical Volunteers
Individuals offering input into Mental Health Bus International Projects mostly consist of UK-based and -licensed medical doctors, along with other medical and mental health professionals. 

We also welcome input from international and local (host country) professionals and volunteers. Our volunteers often have backgrounds in Health, Children's Services, Social Care, Education or Criminal Justice Services, although backgrounds may vary significantly.  

All professionals employed by, affiliated with or working in association with Mental Health Bus International Projects are registered with the appropriate professional bodies in the UK and will be in good standing relating to CPD (Continuing Professional Development).  All professionals and volunteers are also DBS (Disclosing and Barring Service) checked or 'Police checked' as is standard practice in the UK for individuals working with children.  

Mental health, medical and para-medical professionals can contribute to Mental Health Bus International Projects through direct clinical work, providing supervision, consultation, teaching, training or practical input, feedback and ideas. 

Please Contact Us if you would like to join us or if you would like more information. 

Short Term vs Long Term Input 
We value both short (days) and long term (one year) input, providing that it is complementary to the project, existing services and in the best interest of the children and community. 
Training and Preparation
We usually recommend three to four days of training and preparation for most volunteers. Extensive training and preparation in terms of the clinical work, risk assessment and management, as well the local cultures, social challenges, laws and policies will be made available to all volunteers where indicated and appropriate.  The length, intensity and type of training will depend on the volunteer role, existing experience and previous clinical or general training.  The purpose is to prepare volunteers for the project and ensure that volunteers are informed of what to expect in terms of possible clinical and non-clinical challenges and risks as well as benefits.  

It is often helpful for clinical volunteers to spend time volunteering or observing in a local tertiary hospital, prior to working in the community.  We can help to arrange this if appropriate. 

Health checks and immunisations, where required, can usually be made available.  

Political and social situations can vary from country to country, from area to area, and time to time, within the same country.  We always stay informed of these situations and aim to provide professionals and individuals offering input into Mental Health Bus International Projects with safe work environments.  

It must be emphasised however that the work includes offering services to vulnerable children in high risk settings, so by definition, the risk to personal safety is likely to be and likely to remain high, despite significant and ongoing measures taken to avoid, manage or reduce any risk related problems.  

All volunteers will be fully informed of our risk assessment (the various possible risks factors that we have been able to identify) and our risk management plan (which aims to reduce risk and avoid incidents) for every project.

Arrangements will be made for UK-based professionals to work in the appropriate host country and this may include registering to work as a clinician or professional in the foreign country. 

If You Would Like to Join Us as a Clinical Volunteer
please Contact Us with:
1.  Your name, telephone number and email address
2.  Details of your current clinical role, experience, qualifications and training (CV)
3.  Details of when you would be available, for how long and whether once off or annually
4.  Details of what you hope to offer (assessment, specific treatment, training, other)

If You Would Like to Join Us as a Non-Clinical Volunteer, 
please Contact Us with: 
1.  Your name, telephone number and email address
2.  Details of your previous and/or current role, training or employment (background)
3.  Details of when you would be available, for how long and whether once off or annually
4.  Details of what you hope to offer or how you would like to help

Many doctors, clinical and non-clinical volunteers contact us to say they might be available in a few months or a few years time, often when they plan to retire.  We welcome these kind offers although they are not for immediate input and no firm dates or commitment can be provided.  

Meeting with All Volunteers
If you are interested in providing clinical or non-clinical input within the next year, we usually arrange to meet with you to discuss the project, the training and preparation where appropriate, and to answer any questions that you may have.  You are also welcome to attend our presentations, seminars and meetings to learn more about our services.  

Designated Body for Medical Doctors
Designated Body and Responsible Officer questions are frequently asked by doctors planning to retire and work full time with MHB IP.  

Some doctors will offer services to MHB IP, whilst still employed by other organisations or NHS Trusts.  These organisations or NHS Trusts will then remain the doctor's Designated Body and the Responsible Officer for the organisation will remain the doctor's Responsible Officer, because doctors are likely to spend less time offering services to MHB IP than to their primary place of employment.  Some doctors, such as doctors who recently retired, will only offer services to MHB IP and we will then be the doctor's Designated Body and the doctor's Responsible Officer will be the Responsible Officer for Mental Health Bus International Projects.  MHB IP can offer annual appraisals for doctors and volunteers affiliated with this service if required.   

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or for an informal discussion.  

We offer a presentation on our work to individuals and organisations interested to learn more.  The presentation includes statistics, stories and several photographs that tell a story of courage and hope.

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